Our Peanut Roaster Manufacturer Philosophy

Peanut Roaster Manufacturer: One who makes equipment that roasts raw peanuts

We are a Peanut Roaster Manufacturer. We know that our customers demand U.S. made quality coffee roasting equipment and we take pride in producing such. All of our equipment is backed up solidly with our best in the industry Exclusive Lifetime Warranty. ~ Len & Kara, Owners

about us

PeanutRoasting.com started as a food enthusiast's hobby over 10 years ago and has since grown to be one of the leading Hand Made in the U.S.A. Peanut Roaster suppliers.

We have made thousands upon thousands of roasters, all by hand. One of our finest roasters is our stainless steel welded drums; they are of the highest quality and craftsmanship and will last a lifetime.  We are always looking at new ideas and ways to expand our business.

We also manufacture Chile and Coffee roasters.  Please visit our other sites when you get a chance at ChileRoasting.com and CoffeeRoastersClub.com.



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Peanut Roaster Manufacturer - Made In The U.S.A.

our lifetime warranty

At PeanutRoasting.com we stand behind all our peanut roasting equipment 100%. Unlike some competitors who only offer a limited warranty on just a couple items they sell, we are so confident about the high quality of our equipment that we have an exclusive lifetime warranty on everything we manufacture. Whether it be one of our roasting drums, machines, high speed motor systems, or peanut coolers.

"We have offered our Lifetime Warranty since the day we opened shop.  I know it is important for people to see that we stand by all of our equipment 100%. This is what it takes to be #1.  I know that every successful business owner will tell you that." - Len, Owner


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